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For the sixth time, TNG Plumbing and other area businesses paid if forward by donating more than $60,000 worth of time and materials to make the life of one area woman a little easier.

Austin resident Karen Zech has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Everyday tasks, like taking a shower, can become difficult if she’s in pain.

“Kind of almost ashamed to admit that a lot of days there was none, because I don’t like being on the floor, I don’t like having to call and be picked up or brought up,” said Karen Zech.

That just wasn’t acceptable for Gina Grundmeier of TNG Plumbing. TNG Plumbing, along with a number of other area businesses, did a complete renovation of Karen’s bathroom. They also made sure she had new plumbing, a new water heater, and furnace, new flooring, new countertops, and more.
Karen Zech

“Anybody who knows who we are knows what we’re doing they say you made a wonderful choice with Karen,” said Gina Grundmeier. She continued, “People talk about what an amazing person she is, how kind she is and how nice she is and how giving, and they’re happy to finally see it come back to her.”