Our company is an extension of our family and the pride we take in that shows in how we care for our customers.  As we continue to develop this site we will place testimonials on here to display how our customers feel about Todd’s work.

Todd & Gina - T'NG Plumbing

Todd has been plumbing in Austin and surrounding area for 20 + years and has had his Master’s License since 2008. Todd takes a great deal of pride in his work and the end result shows just that. His 2 children are 16 (boy) and 14 (girl). Although our family is never separated by the “step” siblings….they are brother & sisters. Family & Faith are our foundation.

Up to the point of our business, I am a stay at home mom. Aside from taking care of things in the office, I am a volunteer for the Parent Warmline with the PRC, an advocate for PACER and involved with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness). I’m a huge advocate for Mental Illness awareness and work hard to help lessen the stigma that comes with it. I have an 21 year old daughter who has schizophrenia and talks openly about her disease and her Journey of Faith through God and I have a 15 year old daughter who has high functioning Autism.