Kaaltv - Marriage at Work: The Grundmeiers - T 'N G Plumbing


By: Meghan Reistad (ABC 6 News) — “Here’s where you go, here’s what you do and here’s when you do it,” said Gina Grundmeier. For the Grundmeiers, their work thrives by working together. “I actually have every wife’s dream. I sit in the office and answer the phone and do all the scheduling. So, when it comes time for the work, I get to tell him what to do, where to go when to do it and it’s, ‘Yes dear,'” said Gina. Together, Todd and Gina Grundmeier operate T & G Plumbing in Dexter. The plumbing business goes beyond their marriage. In fact, that is where their story starts when Gina was an office manager at a shop where Todd also worked. “She asked me out,” said Todd. “He’s gotta make sure everybody knows that. Yes, yes I did.” said Gina. By November that year, they were married. Fast forward to November, seven years later, the two faced the unthinkable when their home was destroyed by a fire. Three months later, they decided to pick-up what little they had left and T & G Plumbing began. “I just continued to push a little bit and I said, ‘We’re already topsy-turvey, so why not try it,'” said Gina. “I came home from work one day and here sits a van in the yard. She goes, ‘Well, there’s your van,”‘ said Todd. This past September, the Grundmeiers won an award naming their business the best in Mower County. So, they decided to give back with a bathroom remodel contest. “I’ve always liked helping people. Ever since I was growing up on a family farm, I’ve always liked helping people,” said Todd. “It works perfect. I wouldn’t have it another way.”