Marsha and Gary Wilde - Paying it Forward 2015 - T 'N G Plumbing

Marsha and Gary Wilde look over three stone monuments dedicated to their children and daughter-in-law, who have all passed away, during the reveal of T ‘N G Plumbing’s Pay It Forward bathroom renovation project Friday. Volunteers went above and beyond a bathroom remodel to help spruce up the Wilde home. Trey Mewes/

Our choice this year comes with great confidence once again. Gary & Marsha Wilde’s story not only created heartache for me BUT a great amount of joy in feeling their faith throughout all their trials. They met on a blind date and just this last November celebrated 40 years. During the course of their marriage they have had 5 children. Their first test of faith came when their daughter Mandy was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4 ~ 2 years of treatment & hospitals, as of today Mandy is 23 years cancer free. The foundation of that faith would be shaken again in 2000 when their 15 year old son Shane committed suicide after succumbing to more bullying than he could shoulder. Their faith still remained and they held their family even closer. The devil would try once again to shake that foundation in 2012 when their 35 year old daughter Misty would also take her own life, falling to a lifelong battle of depression. If that wasn’t already enough, almost 1 year following that they would lose their daughter in law Amy to cancer in 2013. How much can one family be put through? Marsha would say that “God will give you strength & knowledge to grow from those trials.” Wow…. God bless your perception and ability to keep pushing through! Marsha works at the Dialysis Unit in Albert Lea & Gary is a mechanic at Medgaarden’s Southwest Sales, Inc. in Austin for the past 20 years.
The floor in their bathroom is rotting & the joists are spongy & soft under this flooring. There is a crack, in the tub or piping we are unclear of yet, where the water wells under the tub and sits while destroying the floor. Can NOT wait to get this moving!! 1 month from today – its go time.

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